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Focused on the development of complex, scalable web and mobile applications, we have participated in the development of many startups. We know it’s a crazy process but we’re prepared to deal with that.


We are an agile team of fullstack developers specialized in development of web and mobile applications. From simple websites to the most complex web apps, we've got the skills to tackle your most challenging problems.

Focused on the development of responsive, robust and scalable web & mobile solutions, we have participated in the development of many startups and helped dozens of innovators and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

We use the best development practices at the moment to ensure a state of art solution. By giving the customer early development snapshots, step-by-step access to the work and listen to his feedback, we ensure the project is what the customer wants and needs, cutting wasteful guesswork and miscommunications.

All of our software is developed in Python and designed so it can scale. Most of our technology stacks involve: Django, jQuery, Backbone.js, NGINX, uWsgi, Underscore.js, D3.js, Celery, Redis, PostgreSQL or MySQL, MongoDB and many others.

We have offices in Argentina (GMT-3) and presence in San Francisco and NY. Strategically located to be right there, whenever you need us.


We're driven by the passion to create and build disruptive and innovative products that helps people solve real problems.

Our aim is to achieve technological excellence and operate with the highest standards of product quality using cutting edge technology.


Sebastian Serrano

Co-Founder & Administration


Francisco Silvera

Co-Founder & Lead Developer


Luciana Gruszeczka

Co-Founder & Administration


Martin Riva

Python/Django Developer and Android Developer


Lisandro Eijo

Web & Graphic designer


Fernando Garate

Python/Django Developer


Andres Pardini

Python/Django Developer and JS Developer


Fernando Juarez

Android Developer


Martin Alderete

Python/Django Developer and JS Developer


Nicolas Carbone

Python/Django Developer and JS Developer


Marcos Schroh

Python/Django Developer


Luciano Ruiz

Android Developer


Alessandro Odetti

Python/Django Developer


Santiago Fraire

Python/Django Developer


Andres Pinto

Python/Django Developer


Lucas Chiacchio

Python/Django Developer


At Devsar we follow an agile approach. We split the development work into small sprints of work of about 2 or 3 weeks. The starting point is the product backlog, a set of top-level and prioritized tasks that we use to get an overall idea of the product. On the kickoff (and subsequent) sprint meetings, we analyze and define these top-level task with the client and then select a handful that can be developed in 2 weeks. Once a week we do a standup call with the client to make adjustments on the workload if needed. We believe this method reduces the chances of falling and commit errors and allows customers to change the requirements and adapt the app at any time without affecting the product roadmap. This well-proven methodology is quite flexible and give clients a truly ownership of the project while our team gets a real understanding of the scope of the product.

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We love to stay on the forefront of any available tech. At Devsar you will get your hands dirty with a tons of cool and top-notch technologies.

We embrace a start up culture and are light on management layers, favouring team responsibility and autonomy.

We are strong advocates for the Agile methodology and our team has highly expertise in Open Source technologies. We choose the best stack based on the technical challenges presented to us.

We believe that small, talent and self-motivated teams can do big things. Taking advantage of our agile process, we ship code early and often.



These guys develop the actual application. They’re solution-oriented people, who analyze users’ needs, design, develop & test the software that meet those needs. They're in charge of the entire development process, ensuring that the system continues to function normally through their life-cycle.


These are exceptionally creative people, for whom UX, wireframing or responsive issues are no nuisance. They spend most of their time creating and drawing beautiful assets, icons and designs, which will be later used to create visual concepts. They're visual-thinking problem solvers.


Team Lead/Tech Lead — This person is usually the most senior developer in the team, he’s responsible for answering and resolving any technical problems the team or the client may have, choosing the best stack based on the technical challenges and proposing the underlying architecture.


This is the person who takes care of the product backlog and is in constant contact with the client, ensuring we’re building the right thing. Product Managers can answer any questions the team may have about features to be built, bugs to be addressed, priorities etc.

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