About Us

We are a nearshore software development company specialized in the development of complex, scalable web and mobile applications.


Devsar is a global consulting & software development firm specialized in web & mobile app development. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with over 10 years of operations under our belt, we have delivered IT solutions all over the world, providing strategic counseling that generate long-term and sustainable results.

Focused on the development of responsive, robust and scalable solutions, we have been the IT partner on many startup companies and helped dozens of innovators and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. We can build from simple websites to the most large and complex project, combining top notch technologies with individual and team expertise to meet the needs of our customers.

Agile Developers We're a team of passionate technologists specialized in development of web and mobile applications. From simple websites to the most complex web apps, we've got the skills to tackle your most challenging problems.

Responsive Solutions Focused on the development of responsive, robust and scalable web & mobile solutions, we have participated in the development of many startups and helped dozens of innovators and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

Accuracy We use the best development practices at the moment to ensure a state of art solution. By giving the customer early development snapshots, step-by-step access to the work and listen to his feedback, we ensure the project is what the customer wants and needs, cutting wasteful guesswork and miscommunications.

Fullstack All of our software is developed in Python and designed so it can scale. Most of our technology stacks involve: Django, Flask, Amazon Web Services/Google Cloud Services, NGINX, uWsgi, VueJs/React, D3.js, Redis, PostgreSQL or MySQL, MongoDB and many others.


We're driven by the passion to create and build disruptive and innovative products that helps people solve real problems.

Our aim is to achieve technological excellence and operate with the highest standards of product quality using cutting edge technology.


We love to stay on the forefront of any available tech and use cool and top-notch technologies in order to achieve high quality products and services.

We embrace a start up culture and are light on management layers, favouring team responsibility and autonomy. We have an entrepreneurial mindset that allows our teams to be always two steps ahead.

We are strong advocates for the Agile methodology. Our teams have highly expertise in Open Source technologies. We challenge ourselves everyday and work hard to reach our customer's goals.

We believe that small, talent and self-motivated teams can do big things. Taking advantage of our agile process, we ship code early and often, choosing the best stack based on the technical challenges presented to us.

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