Dedicated Team

We're your definitive IT partner, we will help you scale fast with your very own talented, full-time development team. Our developers will embrance your project and will be 100% dedicated and full commitment to achieve your business goals.

We create teams of dedicated IT specialists based on your punctual needs. Using our own in-house engineers, we can start the onboarding process fairly quickly. Our flexible procesess, enabling us to expand the team until the desired number of members is reached. We know how to establish proper communication channels and our Product Managers oversees the team workflow and remains in direct contact with the customer. In terms of project management methodologies, we always recommend suitable solutions tailored to the client’s needs. Mutual cooperation provides a great deal of flexibility and professionalism, whilst requiring minimum paperwork.


  • Python / Javascript / Nodejs
  • Django / Flask / bottle
  • jQuery / Bootstrap
  • Backbone.js / Underscore.js / Angular / React / Vue.js
  • Celery / Rabbit MQ
  • Redis / memcached
  • PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB
  • MongoDB / CouchDB / RethinkDB / InfluxDB
  • D3.js / Morris.js
  • uWsgi / NGINX / gunicorn

All of our software is developed with love and designed so it can scale

What you can expect?

  • A dedicated team working closely and only with you. Once the team is alocated, they will be sorely working for you.
  • Daily Stand Up calls, Weekly planning and review meetings.
  • Iterative, incremental development with weekly demos & frequent releases.
  • Full access and ownership of the source code
  • Automated build and deployment, code review, unit testing

Feel free to contact us, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!