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We offer software development outsourcing services as a safe, cost-effective and one-stop solution that will help you to build your products faster. Our major strength comes from combining flexibility and dedicated talented teams. Over the years we have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience that allows us building tailored agile teams who delivers software on time.

From simple websites to the most complex web apps, we've got the skills to tackle your most challenging problems. Focused on the development of responsive, robust and scalable web & mobile solutions, we have participated in the development of many startups and helped dozens of innovators and entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.

Most of our technology stacks involve

  • Python / Django / Flask / bottle
  • Google Cloud Services / Amazon Cloud Services
  • jQuery / Grid Layouts / Bootstrap / Materialize
  • VueJs / Angular / React
  • Celery
  • Redis / memcached
  • Firebase / PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • MongoDB / CouchDB / RethinkDB / InfluxDB
  • D3.js / Morris.js
  • uWsgi / NGINX / gunicorn

All of our software is developed in Python and designed so it can scale

From our blog

What are the advantages of using Python?

Python is a high-level general-purpose, interpreted, object-oriented programming language that can be applied to many different classes of problems. Python combines remarkable power with a very clear syntax that supports OOP and can be used for writing simple scripts or even complex and scalable web application back-ends. It's well suited to analyze and visualize large amounts of data and is especially useful for any business that deals with statistics, metrics and data analysis because of its superior documenting capabilities.

Python Developers can also be embed Python into your existing web applications to provide a programmable interface (API), which makes it useful for developing prototypes and other ad-hoc programming. A Python Developer is an adaptable jack-of-all-trades on the server-side because the language is so versatile that a mastery of it means you can do just about anything.

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