Mobile Apps

Web is going mobile and the way users consume services and goods has definitely changed. Having a responsive, well-designed app is key to this new reality.

We have vast knowledge and experience building the most diverse mobile solutions for Android and iOS.

We merge the latest trends in UX/UI design with the best development and management practices.

Our Process

At Devsar we follow an agile approach, splitting the development work into small sprints of work of about 2 to 3 weeks.

We apply the best development practices to ensure a state of the art solution.

By giving early development snapshots, providing access to the work at every stage of the process and listening to your feedback, we ensure that the project meets our customer’s wants and needs. This proven method cuts wasteful guesswork and miscommunications and helps to use resources efficiently.

Native Android development

With over 2 billion monthly active devices, Google’s mobile solution is the worldwide leader. User-oriented, appealing and responsive Android apps are a must if you want to succeed on this massive, fast-growing market.
Devsar successfully created dozens of apps from Gingerbread to Marshallow, from phones to custom devices and Android wearables.

Android Phone

Native iOS development

Apple’s most precious child. As the leading mobile operative system in the US and EU, accompanied by high-quality products, developing specifically designed apps for this platform is key to reach and engage with your target audience.

Hibrid apps

It is well known that Native apps reach better performance levels, but it is also true that their cost and development time is higher. A well-designed hybrid app may offer the cost-effective and time-saving alternative your business has been looking for.

What we Offer

Staff Augmentation

Is your business growing quickly? Does your team lack some required skills? An augmentation of your workforce may be the solution you’re looking for.

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Dedicated Team

Are you looking for a team to help you boost your development efforts? Set up a remote office with us and let us manage the full cycle development while you focus on the business vision.

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Product Building

Our UX&UI Designers, Product Managers and Engineers have the skills to take your idea and make it real. We will help you design, develop and launch your app at an affordable price, on time.

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