Product Building

Our dedicated team manages the full cycle development of your digital products. Using a mixture of agile development capabilities, design thinking and nearly 10 years of product development services, we offers a potent combination of services to create unique products.

We truly become a part of your business. By helping you think through the experience, experiment and iterate, we build your idea into a demonstrated early paying product. We build scalable products that are responsive and adaptive. Put the skillful expertise in prototyping an MVP, make sure future-proof products and customer authentication. We use cutting-edge technologies to assist you embrace the digital world faster than ever.

How We Work

All of our software is developed in Python and designed so it can scale

From our blog

Why do we chose Django?

Having worked and built several Web Apps using a wide variety of web frameworks written in Java or PHP, we finally discovered Django. This framework is completely superior and much better, it’s a rock solid solution, it has a great community, great docs and relies on a well designed architecture. It also comes with some batteries included to deal with security and db common challenges. It secures against XSS by default and since it has a great ORM interface there's little chance of silly SQL injection mistakes. Also has built-in protection against CSRF attacks which operates as middleware. We believe that Django gives the developers too many opportunities to not mess up. The stability, performance and community of this framework have grown tremendously over the past decade since it’s creation and some of the most popular sites nowadays were originally built on top of Django.

Why Flask/Bottle?

Even when we love Django and we use it for personal and commercial projects, we know that is not a silver bullet. We strongly believe that good devs always have to use the right tool for any particular job. When you're building lightweight apps, micro-services or APIs which doesn’t follow the classic web app development cycle, then is imperative evaluate alternatives. Here’s where Python microframeworks like Flask or Bottle shows up.

More generally, we find Flask/Bottle useful for:

  • Simple REST API backends
  • Applications that don’t require database access
  • NoSQL-based web apps
  • Web apps with very specific requirements, like custom URL configurations.

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