You have the vision. We have the ability to make it real.

Lets take the technical worries off your shoulders. We understand that technology can produce wonderful results and wonderful solutions but sometimes can be difficult to work with.
Mobile and web technologies are our forte.


At Devsar we follow an agile approach. We split the development work into small sprints of work of about 2 or 3 weeks.

The starting point is the product backlog, a set of top-level and prioritized tasks that we use to get an overall idea of the product. On the kickoff (and subsequent) sprint meetings, we analyze and define these top-level task with the client and then select a handful that can be developed in 2 weeks.

Once a week we do a standup call with the client to make adjustments on the workload if needed. We believe this method reduces the chances of falling and commit errors and allows customers to change the requirements and adapt the app at any time without affecting the product roadmap. This well-proven methodology is quite flexible and give clients a truly ownership of the project while our team gets a real understanding of the scope of the product.


Our skills batteries include cutting-edge technologies

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