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Mobile technologies are being used more and more widely every day and businesses are taking advantage of these platforms to reach more audience and gain more customers. It's no secret that the web is going mobile and the arising of Smartphones and Tablets devices have made it possible to keep people connected anywhere and all the time. That's the reason why users have come to expect a great user-experience on them and why your product/service has to offer a totally brand new mobile experience. At Devsar we understand how tricky it can be to determine which is the best platform for your product, and we provide a set of options to accomplish your goals.

Devsar is a full-service Mobile Application development company headquartered in Argentina. We specialize in custom native & hybrid mobile and backend app development. We do all the development and design work in-house, lead by our experienced mobile and UX team.

We design, develop and deliver high-quality hybrid and native mobile applications across all the major platforms, including iOS & Android. We have a vast experience building applications for startups, SMB and Enterprise clients, either from scratch or participating in ongoing projects. We can provide everything from MVPs to fully working interfaces for iOS and Android platforms, including all the necessary backend pieces as well.

Our team of mobile developers are experts in app development and are fluent in both Objective-C/Swift and Java/Kotlin. Our team is trained to cope with the most diverse challenges and crafting the highest quality mobile applications. With the most advanced technology we are able to create highly customized mobile experiences for any needs.

Our Mobile Development Services

  • iOS iPhone & iPad App Development
  • Android Smartphones & Tablets App Development
  • Cross-Platform App Development
  • Wire-framing
  • Custom, Innovative & Creative Designs
  • Business Needs and Requirements Analysis
  • Usability & User Experience (UX)
  • Project Management and a Professional Development Process
  • Backend API support for connecting your Mobile app with the Server-Side.
  • Support for deploying & getting your app public in the App Store / Google Play Services

All of our backend software is developed in Python and designed so it can scale.

From our blog

What are the differences between Native and Hybrid Apps?

A Native app is built using the native programming languages of the devices/platforms. For instance, on Android devices the native programming language is Java and for Apple devices, which are based on iOS, the native programming language is Objective C, which now supports the new Swift language as well.

On the other hand, Hybrid apps are developed using web technologies. The languages used are mainly HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. After coding the app, the code is put inside native containers so that it can be deployed on every platform. These containers run the web application code inside a browser but with the look & feel of native apps.

In both cases the resulting apps are downloadable from the corresponding platform store.

Native apps are well suited when great performance is required and when the responsiveness and fluidness of the user experience is not negotiable. In terms of performance, the Hybrid apps tend to have some user interaction delays and users can notice that the app sometimes is not as responsive as a Native app.

In terms of cost, it is always more cost-effective to build mobile apps using the hybrid development approach because this stack reduces the development time. However, if you would need to create a certain native look & feel experience, it might be a bad idea to choose the hybrid approach as it can be more time consuming and costly to design these native experiences.

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