24GO helps people reaching their fitness goals by custom-picking the perfect workout for them to do – at the gym, at home, or anywhere - based on their preferences, previous workouts and equipment.

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The customer approached us after they signed a large contract with 24 Hour Fitness company. They were looking for a mobile development agency that could help building an enterprise-grade, robust mobile app for Android and iOS.

The customer already had a buggy hybrid MVP product built on top of Cordova/Ionic and was searching for an agency that could help transitioning from hybrid to a native app.


Devsar leveraged its experience on mobile development and started a huge code refactoring process of the whole platform in record time. The process started with a deep analysis of the underlying platform to identify key elements and bottlenecks.The next step consisted of starting to migrate app’s views from webviews to native.

We have been working strictly on the mobile development for Android. We used Java and Kotlin for the app, which is native with some hybrid and web view features.

Customer’s in-house team created the design specs and sent us the mockups, that we executed on demand. We implemented a wide range of techniques to improve the speed, efficacy and design of the app.

technologies logos
technologies logos

We are also responsible of the deployment process, consisting of creating beta products to be tested by a closed group of testers and also publishing new app versions as requested by the client.

We assisted the customer in adopting agile project management methodologies and best practices, helping them to organize and identify relevant business needs to their product which has produced excellent results.


The app was successfully launched in the App Store and has nearly 100,000 users. It grew significantly, and the functionality has been well-received. We take feedback seriously and adjust accordingly.

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app picture
app picture

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