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Blink Webinars is the easiest and most reliable way to create automated webinars, communicate with your audience based on their attendance and behavior. Moreover, it scales with your business. Packed with the power of Google App Engine, Blink Webinars might just be the answer you have been looking for.

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The Challenge

The client's business goal was to reach a huge global audience, with a webinar exclusive video content platform, to sell their products.

They needed a scalable and reliable platform which should be easy to use. In addition, they were looking for an intuitive interface for final users and clients. They wanted to monetize the content through a membership service. As a small startup, they bootstrapped the entire process with us.

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  • Custom theme editor which gives the clients the ability to change the look and feel of every webinar.
  • Support for custom domains.
  • Smart mailing lists according multi factor analysis. SMS and PN support.
  • Use of webhooks to deliver specific messages to particular events.
  • Multi language support.
  • Create an statistics app to track webinar’s metrics.
  • Integrate third-party authentication systems such as Amazon, Sendgrid & Twilio.
  • Multiple hosting supports (static files hosted in AmazonS3, YouTube, Vimeo).
  • Creation of the Webinar’s API.
  • Creation of a video encoder service for the most popular video formats.
Blink Webinars

The Solution

We built the first MVP, which eventually evolved into a fully functional and scalable platform. The whole architecture rests on Google and AWS infrastructure.

We built a custom video encoder service which reduces the original size of the video without losing quality, enhancing the online user experience and increasing rate conversion.


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The Results

The platform was successfully launched and users response was very positive. Shortly after the launch, the biggest platform in Asia made an offer to buy Blink Webinar and eventually the whole platform along with its technology was sold. We continued providing maintenance services to the new owner until December 2018.

Coverage Area

Blink webinars is a global solution

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