Crypter is a cryptocurrency tracking app for Bitcoin and Altcoins. It allows you to easily view currency prices and save your favorite coins to keep them on your watchlist.

With Crypter you will be updated with any price changes thanks to the real time widget and screensavers.

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BitPagos, an online crypto payment processor and exchanger, was launching a set of products and services for the crypto space and searched a partner who can take over a small project.

Their idea was having a portfolio of tools that their clients could use in order to get a better user engagement with their services.


It was our goal to create a minimalistic design that could cover all required features. To kick off, our UX/UI team held a sketching session with the client to paint a clear picture of what this mobile app needed to achieve, including the must-have product requirements.

During that initial session we were able to determine our customer’s vision of the ideal product. We used a variety of exercises to understand their audience and get a clearer idea of their goals. We ended up creating an UI visual design that could be used for mobile inspiration and meet their needs. These sketching sessions allowed us to get everyone on the same page before developing wireframes.

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Finally, we solely built the Android version of the app, as the iOS market share in LATAM is less than 5%.

The product is still in beta mode and given the current economic cycle on the crypto assets world, there will be no imminent marketing actions to promote it.

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