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A p2p online marketplace connecting cooks and diners.

Feastly is a San Francisco based Startup and an online p2p marketplace empowering chefs to easily showcase their brand and host culinary experiences, turning their kitchen into a restaurant. Through the Feastly platform diners can find and book seats at unique and varied culinary experiences and join the table of exceptional chefs from around the globe.

Project Type Web Responsive
Client Noah Karesh
Date October 2013


The company approached us after they were incubated and seed by Boost VC. They had built an initial MVP product with an outsourcing company in Asia that was very buggy, both on the base code and its visual design. The product were not letting them growth and meet their upcoming business requirements.

They wanted to have a more flexible platform and be prepared to support their rapidly-growing community needs. They were looking to partner with an company who could take care of their IT needs and evolve with them, designing and developing an ambitious online p2p marketplace.

Planned Solution and Innovation

Devsar leveraged its experience on web development and started a huge code refactoring process of the whole platform in record time. The process started with a deep analysis of the underlying platform to identify key elements and bottlenecks. We implemented a wide range of IT solutions to improve the speed, efficacy and design of the platform, performing software developments not only on the backend but also on the frontend side using cutting-edge technologies.

We were also able to guide the company through the process of adopting agile project management methodologies and best practices, helping them to organize and identify relevant business needs to their product which has achieved excellent results.

We also redesigned the overall architecture, making it more reliable, stable and secure, needed to pass the rigorous due diligence processes required by investors and stakeholders.

Since then, we have contributing to the company’s requirements management, technical design, development and maintenance.

  • Python / Django
  • Docker
  • JS / JQuery / AngularJs / Vuejs
  • Underscore
  • Postgresql
  • Amazon
  • Celery
  • Balanced Payments
  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • API Rest


Backend development Frontend development Gateway payment integrations (Paypal, Balanced Payments, Stripe) Timezone integration Admin dashboards and metrics ( d3.js ) Style re-branding Site SEO Email subscription system and segmentation by location Dealing and working in conjunction with a foreign team

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