Find Your Trainer helps its customers to “get fyt” by letting them effortlessly search, book and pay high quality and affordable personal training sessions in-home or at top gyms without requiring a gym membership.

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A new online marketplace which is changing the personal training industry in a similar way like AirBnB has changed how we travel.

With FyT users can book sessions with vetted trainers of their choice, without talking to a sales person or having to buy a gym membership. Trainers increase their income by filling downtime with new clients, and gyms generate completely incremental profit, improve member satisfaction and receive new member leads.

Find your trainers creates a win-win-win for consumers, trainers and gyms.


The client needed qualified developers with extensive knowledge and previous experience on "Product Building" and "Software Maintenance".

Devsar was first contracted in order to maintain their existing platform which was built by another offshore IT team. We were responsible for the Frontend and Backend of the product.

As a result of that initial project, Devsar became the main contractor and finally took over the full management of the product.

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  • Code base refactoring.
  • Improve and enhance the system.
  • Site branding.
  • System architecture re-design.
  • Development of new features.
  • DevOps and Support.
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We helped FYT to expand their engineering capabilities and increase their development pace. Initially, we started out augmenting a small portion of the team that they had in-house and started contributing to their custom code. Since then, we became the primary team of the product.

Now, we take care of the biggest priorities and some of the high-level project management responsibilities on an ongoing basis.

We are planning and working to expand the platform even further in the near future.


The seamless collaboration between FYT and Devsar resulted in an amazing product that will make it easier for millions of people to "get fyt"

The platform design gives trainers the ability to reach a huge audience and offer their services anytime, anywhere.

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