Moni is a web-based platform and mobile application with the capability of making short-term loans online in Argentina and Mexico.

Users register on Moni and then can apply for personal short-term loans in an easy and quick way. If the loan is granted user receives the money promptly on their bank account.

app moni
moni ui composition


Moni wanted to develop a web-based platform and a native Android mobile app for loan applications, but did not have their own development team. Therefore, they were in search of a company that could take over the the development process for them.

They explicitly wanted this project to be developed using Python. Therefore they hired Devsar as technological partner.


  • Frontend refactor for mobile API compatibility.
  • Development of new core features (phone credit and invoice payment).
  • Backend refactor for clearer separation of concerns between components.
  • Analysis of use metrics for assistance in business decisions making.
  • Integration with social media (Facebook, Google+).
moni illustration


We formed a team of 4 developers to the project, but we remained flexible with the team composition. For example, when more time had to be dedicated for developing the application, we assigned a specific developer for the native Android app.

moni illustration
moni illustration

The same happened when the customer required additional assistance with Python, MySQL, and other resources. Thanks to our deep involvement we were able to go above and beyond our developers' role.

We assisted with project management and defined the product when it wasn't well defined yet.



moni map with coverage area
moni illustration

We delivered the final product and remain an important partner for Moni since we deliver subsequent ongoing sub-products and improvements.

Currently, the platform handles 3,000 transactions per month. We are still directly involved in the project, often going beyond our defined role for example by providing additional assistance with product definition and troubleshooting.

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