Parkool is a parking payment company and an online community for easy parking in big cities.

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The app was designed as a social platform that allows drivers to share regular updates on their parking status within the user community.

The app has a payment system that allows drivers to pay the city parking rate and also includes a loyalty system that allows drivers to earn virtual coins that can be later exchanged for other services or discounts.


Parkool founders were looking for a qualified team with extensive knowledge and previous experience on "Product Building" and "Mobile Apps". Devsar was hired to create the initial concept, app workflow, design and product development.

The customer had an immovable deadline requiring a lot of work. We provided work on time in order to meet customer’s requirements.

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  • Create a REST API with the necessary endpoints to support the native Android app.
  • We build a Georeferenced data set system to support contextualized geo searching through used by the API.
  • Create Adapters for several SMS parking payment systems to ease the initialization and stop of the system via Parkool.
  • Create a Credits/Coupon system that users can use to exchange their credits by goods, services or get discounts in local companies.
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Our client provided a few basic sketches and our UX/UI team worked with them to refine the overall ideas. Our team went on to manage all aspects of development in building the Android native app.

We also build out a back office portal to manage user activities and operations, which helped tracking incoming requests and manage promotion options.

We also integrated several APIs from garages, third-party payment systems and social auth mechanisms.


parkool app


The seamless collaboration between Parkool and Devsar resulted in an amazing product that is revolutionizing the way people park their cars. The platform design enables drivers to easily park their cars and save a lot of time and money.


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