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The coolest way to find a parking space in your city!

Parkool aims to change the way people find parking spots and park their cars in big cities. Through the parkool platform, people is notify when a parking slot is released and the system spreads the word to that people looking for an empty space in that area. With Parkool you can also book Garage Parking slots in advance before arrive to the downtown.

Project type Mobile
Client Leandro Mocchegiani
Date June 2016


Devsar was hired by a multidisciplinary entrepreneur team to build and develop a fully functionable MVP product in 3 months, including an Android native app and a REST API. There was a need to build a robust and bug-free solution ready to be tested in the real world, so that the solution can be presented in several startup incubator programs. The mayor challenge was to find out a solution to integrate the app with different parking payment systems available in a wide range of cities.

Planned Solution and Innovation

Given the tight deadline, the team decides to accelerate the development process using DRF for fast building the API through Django models. We decided to use apiary to design and mock up the API to let the mobile team start building the solution. That decision let us Iterate, rinse & repeat without having to coding a single line of code until we knew that the API was complete and doing the expected job. Having the API design and the mocks in place, the backend team could start to code the API. The team chose Postgres and Postgis as the underlying DB engine because of their geo spatial managing capabilities.

Technologies Frontend
  • Python / Django
  • JS / JQuery
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Mongo DB
  • Django Rest Framework
  • Postgresql / Postgis
  • Amazon RDS/EC2
  • API Rest

  • Google Play Services
  • Retro Fit
  • GSON
  • RxJava
  • ORMLite
  • Glide
  • JodaTime
  • EventBus
  • Firebase
  • Redis / Jedis
  • Gradle


Create a REST API with the necessary endpoints to support the native Android app We build a Georeferenced data set system to support contextualized geo searching through used by the API Create Adapters for several SMS parking payment systems to ease the initialization and stop of the system via Parkool Create a Credits/Coupon system that users can use to exchange their credits by goods, services or get discounts in local companies

Coverage Area

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